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Kim Daugherty

Kim Daugherty is known for delivering superior education and career development support to real estate professionals throughout the nation.  After serving as the Director of Training and Education for a large broker in St. Louis for 29 years, he has co-founded My Real Estate Brain with you in mind.  Kim continues to use his comprehensive background in real estate sales, appraisal, mortgage banking, land acquisition and development to create and deliver engaging workshops and continuing education courses to real estate professionals and organizations.  He is an accomplished national speaker, certified/licensed instructor and has been a licensed real estate broker since 1978.  Thanks to great customers, students, agents and teammates, his journey continues!



Deb Thoman

Deb is known for her high-energy, contagious enthusiasm and connection with her audience. As an experienced speaker and licensed/certified instructor, she draws on her master’s in education/counseling psychology to deliver rich, dynamic educational classes and workshops. Having served as an educator, trainer broker, and manager for one of the largest brokers in St. Louis, she understands the challenges agents face in every stage of their careers. As co-founder of My Real Estate Brain she’s excited to focus on agent education and development nation-wide!


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