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Beware! Don’t Poke the Bear…Risk Management 7+ Federal Laws to Consider

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Legal Landmines in Missouri

Watch Your Step!  Not knowing the MREC rules and regulations is not an excuse.  Join us as we explore the rules that guide all Missouri Licensees to better serve the public, or customers and our clients.

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Missouri Law Quiz

Course Description to be updated soon!

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Price, Value, & Appraising

Sharpen your skills on helping guide today’s consumer thru the mystical maze of, “Price, Value, and the Appraisal Process”.

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The Closing Statement

Understanding how money moves on the day of closing!

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The Code of Ethics…Bright Lights and Staying out of Fights

Alive and well…plus a guiding light for all licensees…that is what the Code of Ethics is all about.

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