We’ve got you covered for all of your Missouri CE for this cycle!  Plus, the course bundle saves you money.

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Bright Lights and Staying out of Fights…The Code of Ethics in the Spotlight (3 hour credit)


Alive and well…plus a guiding light for all licensees…that is what the Code of Ethics is all about. Quizzes, case studies and real world brain teasers make this three-hour course timely and refreshing. Loaded with reminders and updates for the residential and commercial practitioner, you will hear the thoughts of your peers and people in the real estate trenches. This is good for both MREC and NAR credit.


Legal Landmines in Missouri            (3 hour credit)


The home-buying/selling maze is neither easy nor simple…for any of the parties involved. The State of Missouri, like most states, has gone to great lengths to try to protect the public in real estate transactions with specific laws of the land. These laws can be legal landmines (explosive) for those who don’t know the laws or choose to ignore them. This 3-hour elective course is a great refresher and reminder of what legal landmines look like and where they are located. Safe Travels!


Fair Housing: Laws & Human Behavior in the Spotlight          (3 hour credit) Required Core!


Revisit key items and best practices to stay on the right side of fair housing laws to insure everyone is welcome during their journey to homeownership. Federal, state, and local fair housing rules and regulations are not just suggestions, they are the LAW!



Price, Value & Appraising…What is Your Client’s Property Really Worth?              (3 hour credit)


On a scale of 1 to 10 how critically important is price and value to the typical buyer and seller in almost EVERY real estate transaction? Answer: 10+!!! So, maybe we could/should regularly sharpen or skills on helping guide today’s consumer thru the mystical maze of, “Price-Value-And the Appraisal Process”. Facts, fun and a few gems thrown in to walk away with makes this 3-hour elective a highest and best use item for your day.